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This is a community based around the video game lan center located in Boulder, Colorado. The point of this coummnity is to plan ahead of time to flood the place with people and get some bigger, more planned our games happening.

:: GameLAN offers the best in computer and console gaming. Here you can play the latest games on a computer network uniquely designed for high-end gaming. Our systems include 2+ gigahertz processors, 512 meg DDR RAM, GeForce FX 256 meg 8x AGP video cards, and 19 inch flat screen monitors. All the computers are linked together with a 100% gigabit network and have megabit internet access. It all adds up to lightning fast, zero lag gaming.

Our XBox Den includes an XBox network with 32 inch flat high definition TVs, XBox Live, beanbag chairs, and a wide variety of games. You really haven't seen the best in XBox gaming until you've played XBox Live in high definition!

We also offer the best snack foods to keep you going: 24oz sodas, a dozen different candy bars, chips, hot pockets, popcorn, ice cream, and much more. You can either snack on our sofa or take the food with you to the computers for those who like to eat and play. ::